What's Inside

The EMA Resource Center (ERC) is your online support resource for PCB design products purchased through EMA. Registered users can log in for access to resources that are not available anywhere else!


Registered users can:

  • View FAQs that cover a variety of topics or search our knowledgebase for specific answers
  • Submit priority service requests directly to our technical support staff
  • Access up-to-date downloads, patches, and service packs as well as our downloads archive
  • Verify contact and product information to ensure future shipments are 100% accurate



Recent Announcements


Cadence Announces OrCAD 17.2 Release - May 2016

The OrCAD® 17.2-2016 release introduced new capabilities for OrCAD Capture, PSpice® Designer, and PCB Designer 17.2-2016 that address challenges with flex and rigid-flex design as well as mixed-signal simulation complexities in IoT, wearables, and wireless mobile devices. This latest release reduces PCB development time by addressing the need to design reliable circuits for smaller, more compact devices.


Learn more here



New Support Site - January 1, 2016

EMA is proud to announce a long-overdue overhaul of the support site! Beyond a cleaner, updated interface, we have completely revamped the underlying structure, which will allow us to make even more improvements in the future.


We have migrated as many user accounts as possible, however, not everybody was able to join the migration party. If you are having trouble logging in or seeing your downloads when logged in, please contact us, as we probably just need to verify something. All users are being required to change their passwords upon logging in.



Advanced Arena Connector 2.0 Now Available - July 1, 2015

EMA announced the release of version 2.0 of the Advanced Arena Connector. The Advanced Arena Connector enables a Cadence® OrCAD® Capture CIS user with CIP and Arena to seamlessly perform the following tasks from within the OrCAD Capture environment:

  • Create CIP temp parts and convert them to Arena parts
  • Check for where CIP parts are used in other BOMs in Arena
  • Import/Update Arena BOMs for a design open in Capture



OrCAD 16.6 2015 Now Available - May 1, 2015

The OrCAD 16.6-2015 release celebrates the 30th anniversary of OrCAD® and 30 years of continued investment and innovation of OrCAD technology. New advanced high-speed features now include minimum / maximum and relative propagation, static phase differential pair constraints, delay tuning, heads-up displays. Productivity improvements include Scribble Route, group/contour routing, and via arrays.



EMA Announces CIP Version 5.0 - January 1, 2015

EMA announced the release of version 5.0 of the Component Information Portal. The latest version features the integration of CIP to Capture CIS and EDABuilder for improve symbol library creation flow. Significant enhancements to usability and access control have been added. Some of the highlights include:

  • Personailzation of temp parts tab
  • Restriction of field entry based on rules
  • Distributor parametric data can be added to an existing part
  • Pick lists can be defined by Admin for data entry

To learn more about the latest release, view the release notes located in the downloads section of the ERC.